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Sanki Violin Model HJ-1012 - Kyle, TX USA - Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Sanki Violin HJ-1012 With Case. It does not come with a bow. It comes with four extra pegs and some strings. Measurements 20.5L x 7 x 2.5 Case: 27 x 8.75 x 3.75. Please e-mail for pictures. Asking $250, domestic shipping included. Paypal only.
German violin, with bow and jeager case - Rochelle, IL USA - Wednesday, August 06, 2014
German origin Klotz School Mittenwald.16. 2 bows jeager case Due to ongoing health issues I am selling my violin. Photos upon request and complete description from appraisal. Originally purchased from a fine violin dealer in Chicago IL Serious Inquiries only!
Antique Violin and bows - USA - Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Old family Violin with a label that reads Andreas Postacchini, which is not correct according to a luthier I took it to in Maryland. He tells me that its German, and 1870s era, and very nice, well made. It has been repaired and touched up sometime ago, it sat in a closet for 60+yrs. The Luthier told me it is valued at $2,000. The 2 bows are also German one marked F.Winkler, also $2000 bow. The second is unmarked but well done and a $1200 dollar bow itself. The case is antique animal skin, velvet lined. looking for a serious buyer at a realistic price. Feel free to email me.
WANTED: Italian Violin, Viola, Cello - Seattle, WA USA - Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Musicians looking for Italian violins by makers such as Joseph Rocca, Ansaldo Poggi, Giuseppe Fiornin, Annibale Fagnola, Marino Capicchioni, etc. Violas and cellos are also welcome.
Sartory  Photos / Website - Markdale, On Canada - Wednesday, July 02, 2014
A bass bow, E. Sartory Paris, beautiful bow, asking $17,000.
Violin (+2 bows, case) from Potters Violins - Arlington, VA USA - Tuesday, July 01, 2014
I originally got this violin from Potters Violins in Bethesda, MD (See last picture for appraisal). Total cost of set is $4300: $3500 violin $400 pernambuco bow $200 carbon fiber bow $200 bobelock case (Other accessories: three rubber and two metal mutes, rosin, shoulder rest) Asking price: $3340, obo. I am asking less than the price of just the violin itself. Violin details: Johan Teilke, 1887 (German). Very good sound with quick response, outfitted with Dominants (E string Pirastro Gold). Strong, solid lower register. Purchased from Potter Violin (Bethesda) in 2006. Appraisal incl.
WE Hill & Sons Violin bow - Lanham, MD USA - Sunday, June 22, 2014
The bow was appraised at $7,500 in 2007, and I am asking for $6000. I am selling my favored W.E. Hill & Sons 4/4 violin bow. It is a beauty! Gold mounted and engraved at the frog and tip. It weighs approximately 58.6 grams and is balanced extremely well. The Hill bow is marked "8" at the tip. This number corresponds to the maker Malcolm M Taylor, who was one of the Hills workshop's leading postwar makers. I am entertaining offers so please feel free send me a reasonable price. Shipping will be free regardless of location. Thanks! Email for photos
Smaller Vicenzo Trusiano Panormo Violin 1806 - Chicago, IL USA - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
This is a golden red violin about 1/8 inch shorter than a full size violin. The tone is very smooth and it just refuses to be harsh in any way. The violin is in good condition but has on its back a fully repaired crack. The violin comes with a shaped case and a bow by E. Ritter. Asking price $1.000
Martin Michalke Violin  Photos / Website - Bloomington, INDIANA USA - Friday, June 06, 2014
Maker: Martin Michalke Oldenburg, 2003. Exceptionally powerful. Lots of punch. Suitable for solo playing. Jose-Luis Garcia, leader of the English Chamber Orchestra for 25 years and owner of a large collection of fine Italian violins, played this one and said that it was as good as any of them. Current Michalke violins are selling for 15,000 Euros (Approximately $20,500). But this one is $17,000 because it's older. Maker website: The violin is in Bloomington, but I am willing to travel to meet potential buyers. If interested, call me at (415)430-8489.
Scott Cao STV 750 Artist Viola 16.5" - St. Paul, MN USA - Saturday, May 31, 2014
This viola is in flawless condition. The best sounding instrument I could find under 2k. Includes case and pernambuco bow, humidifier, and shoulder rest. Ask for photos. $1200

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